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We take care of the environment
Petunia Ibiza is committed to social responsibility

Petunia Ibiza is committed to social responsibility and is dedicated to improving its measures on sustainability, both in the hotel and restaurant. It is our hope to eventually fully operate as a totally ‘green hotel’. In our two-year tenure under new ownership and management, we have successfully been able to implement various changes to help us reach our goals.

​In addition to other initiatives currently underway, we are proud to announce:

  • We have banned the use of hazardous cleaning products and we now clean using Aqueous Ozone Technology which uses state of the art technology to clean using water only, which can be more effective than bleach in killing bacteria and bugs, along with posing no harm to the environment. The generator turns standard water into highly effective stabilised aqueous ozone which can be used for all cleaning purposes throughout the site, in spray bottles, mop buckets and everything else that is needed! Amazingly after 24 hours, the active product reverts to its original state as plain old H20 meaning no chemical by-products are introduced to the environment or water system.
  • Our coffee pods - provided complimentary to our guests in their rooms - are compostable and ecologically friendly.

We grow various vegetables and herbs in our own huerto, which helps towards a greener kitchen. Not only does this enhance the flavours in our dishes but it helps to reduce waste.